Check out the Peninsula Community Guide

Check out the Peninsula Community Guide

Take it for a test drive. Find a places to eat, drink, shop or have some fun in Point Loma, Ocean Beach and the Midway District.

  • If you are a San Diego visitor, think about how great it would be to have all this local knowledge available to you right on your phone, right in your pocket, everywhere you go.
  • If you are a Peninsula Community business owner, think about how many new customers will find your restaurant, store or service business. Hotel guests are looking for exactly what you have to offer – every single day.
  • If you own or operate a Peninsula Community hotel, think about how much your guests (and your overworked staff) will appreciate you for providing this convenient resource. And all it will cost you is a phone call.

Please Note: Some smart phone functions won’t work on this simulator.

  • One-click calling only works on a smart phone. The “Call Us” button won’t work.
  • The “GET DIRECTIONS FROM MAP APP” button won’t work in the simulator.
  • To test navigation, click on the “Get Directions from Your GPS Location” button.

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